Pak 2nd largest in UN peacekeeping


When the world celebrated UN peacekeeping day this year, Pakistan stood tall in the comity of nations being second largest troops contributor country in the World, the military said Sunday.
Pakistan’s journey with UN peacekeeping operations began in 1960 when it deployed its first ever contingent in UN operations in Congo, the ISPR said.
Over past fifty two years, Pakistan has been the most significant and consistent contributor for UN peacekeeping around the world.
Pakistan has hitherto participated in 41 UN peacekeeping missions including some of the most challenging missions, an army statement said.
Pakistan has so far contributed 142,452 troops in the UN missions across the world. Up till now 128 Pakistani peacekeepers, 10.24% of the UN total fatalities, have scarified their lives in noble cause of helping humanity, building peace and bringing stability across the regions under the banner of UN.
Since 2006 Pakistan has been the largest troops contributing country. At the moment Pakistan is the 2nd largest contributor with present deployment of 9461 peacekeepers in 7 different UN missions and is currently contributing 9.71% of the total UN peacekeepers strength.
Performance of Pakistan peacekeepers has been acknowledged worldwide by numerous world and UN leaders. An undisputed professional standing of Pakistan peacekeepers has also made the passion of every Special Representative of Secretary General and Force Commander in each of UN peacekeeping mission.
Since 1948 there have been 64 UN peacekeeping operations. Close to 130 nations have contributed personnel at various times, and 114 are currently providing uniformed peacekeepers, the UN says.
As of 31 March 2011, there were 15 peacekeeping operations under way with a total of 122,843 personnel. Of the 19,388 civilians serving, 13,697 are local. Total fatalities among the peacekeepers stand at 2,856.