MQM for income tax on all sources


MQM Member National Assembly Abdul Qadir Khanzada has said MQM wanted that all sources of income including the agricultural should be taxed.
Khanzada told radio Pakistan that the revenue target will not be achieved if the tax on the income of big landlords is not imposed.
He said more funds will have to be allocated to overcome the energy crisis in the country, adding
agricultural tax could also be collected by the government.
He maintained that big landlords and agriculturalists are benefiting from the subsidy given on wheat in the agricultural sector and poor, small and subsistence land holders are being deprived.
Qadir said democracy is not a fragile thread which will break due to the opposition’s protest but opposition should protest keeping in view the limits and decorum of the parliament.


  1. Dear MQM, does that includes all of your sources of income including extortion, murder & mafia?

  2. it is a historical fact that all evil forces&actual criminals,in order to construct an illusive wall in front of their crimes have always blamed those whose popularity seems to be increasing day by day. they do so with their ulterior motives &a fear of fate they desreve.let these forces curse ,the message of peace,harmony&power for all is gaining acceptance every morning &i see the day when all those cursing mqm under influence of acutal criminals would come forward to join hands with mqm people

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