Low pension of PIA retirees


It is sad whenever the government has announced increase in pension, PIA management did not implement. The PIA management did not even implement its own decision to increase pension whenever there was increase in salaries of PIA’s serving employees.
Subsequently, PIA employees are getting meagre amount as monthly pension that is insufficient to pay even one monthly utility bill of their homes. Recently, a delegation of PIA Retired Employees Association met with the new chairman of PIA Rao Qamar Suleman and among others, and drew his attention towards very low amount of PIA pension they are receiving who assured them to consider their genuine problems.
Needless to mention here, it was the result of dedicated efforts of PIA employees, now retired, the airlines was once known as one of the best airlines of the world.
On behalf of the PIAREA, I appeal to Chairman PIA to look into genuine problems of retired employees by granting them all increases due in PIA pension so far.