Kudos for MQM


It is welcome news that MQM has now seen the need to building of Kalabagh dam which would give Sindh 37 percent share of its stored 6.1 MAF of water while it has only 15 percent irrigated area at present of Pakistan. Previously, it had not supported Kalabagh dam for unknown reasons which was suicidal for Sindh as it would have deprived Sindh of irrigating a million acres of virgin land.

It is better late than never. It has dawned on MQM in national interest the dire need of Pakistan for water and energy being the third largest party of Pakistan comprising intelligent educated people.

They are to be congratulated on their new stand and are expected to follow it through in the teeth of opposition of ANP and other nationalistic parties that have vested political interests at the behest of India that does not want us to store our own share of Indus waters while it build scores of dams on western rivers to deprive Pakistan of its sweet river waters and energy potential that is badly needed for its economic survival.




  1. indeed a good step by MQM on very right time when Pakistan is jolting with energy crisis , MQM's stand have given weight to Kala Bagh Dam and it seems that after so many years we may come to a point where we will step forward towards handling energy crisis. For their stand MQM will face some heat from Nationalist and MQM so best of Luck to MQM in facing the heat for their stand once again in National Interest.

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