Intense heat cuts number of visitors to zoo


The recent surge in the temperature has decreased the number of visitors to the Lahore zoo besides putting the animals in misery.
The administration, however, claimed to have made sufficient arrangements to protect the animals from the heat.
Faizan, a visitor, said, “The animals are feeling the effects of the severe heat and are seen resting near ice blocks. People from other cities visit the zoo with their children during the summer holidays, but the rise in the temperatures has lessened the number of visitors.”
Lahore Zoo Deputy Director Mudassar Hassan said the number of visitors had decreased by more than 60 percent, however, the zoo management had arranged room coolers and ice blocks to cool down the animals. “Fruits, including melons, watermelons and peaches are also being given to the animals,” he added.
He said, “We have tried our best to provide every kind of facility to the animals.” In response to a query, he said no animal had died so far despite the hot weather.