KWSB to deduct employees’ salaries to pay off dues


With the deepening of the financial crisis, the city’s only water utility – the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board – has decided to deduct some amount from the employees’ salaries to pay outstanding dues of the Karachi Electric Supply Corporation.
The decision was reportedly made after poor recoveries by the utility from defaulting consumers, both retail and the bulk. Under the new financial strategy, sources said at least Rs 300 to Rs 400 would be deducted from the salaries of employees of Grade 1 to 9, Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,800 from Grade 10 to 15 and Rs 2,800 to Rs 3,200 from Grade 16 onwards. The sources said the water utility was facing severe financial crisis for the last two years, making it very hard to run the routine affairs of the utility.
KWSB officials said the board did not have enough funds to even clear the electricity dues of the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) that had reached billions of rupees, as it has been unable to recover its own dues from bulk and government consumers.
A few months ago, the KWSB had approached the federal government for a bailout package of Rs 12 billion to clear its electricity bills, but the request was turned down by the centre, directing the water utility to instead enhance its recovery mechanism, the sources disclosed. The water utility is neither in a position to pay its monthly electricity bill of Rs 370 million nor clear the arrears of Rs 12 billion. However, the KWSB is paying a partial payment of Rs 50 million every month to the KESC. “The KESC was approached for rationalising tariff structure and withdrawal of federal and provincial levies and charges, but in vain,” an official said.
The financial problems of KWSB stem from a number of causes, including poor billing and payment processes, irrational tariff that does not enable cost recovery and a variety of operational and maintenance inefficiencies. The KWSB often launches recovery campaigns against bulk consumers; however, the management has not been able to muster enough courage to recover outstanding dues worth Rs 33 billion from government offices – Rs 24 million of which have to be paid by the Governor’s House and the Chief Minister’s House alone.
Women fantasies painting exhibition held: An exhibition of paintings titled Women Fantasies by Zebun Zuby and Aliya Faizi, which opened at the Fine Art Gallery attempts at trying to impart concreteness to their fantasies (dreams).
The word fantasy has quite a few meanings. It refers to the constant habit of dreaming about a certain object that one wishes to acquire, or a goal that one wants to achieve. Daydreaming is also a factor here, which is more to do with unfulfilled desires.
Rafia Maniar, Curator, Fine Art Pakistan said that it is a very instinct of a woman to look beautiful to her and impress to others through her beauty. People admire her beauty. She waits for the person silently and she loves to spend her time in thinking about the person as she enjoys company with her spouse/friend while flying kites playing with pets in any leisure activities.
A man originates from clay and that is why he attracts to the things made out of it whether in the shape of pots or ceramics. It is clay that makes figures and different shapes of thing because it is the combination of all the elements exist in the world whatever you want to do and shape from a small needle to Burjul Arab.