CNG association to close all gas stations from June 6


The CNG dealers have warned the government of closing down all gas filling stations across the country from June 6 for indefinite period in case the government passes a bill on increasing CNG prices.
In a joint press conference on Thursday, CNG association representatives announced to reject any increase in the CESS tax on CNG in the upcoming budget. Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha, central chairman of the All Pakistan CNG Association, along with Abdul Sami Khan, chairman CNG Dealers Association, and Malik Khuda Bukhsh, chairman CNG Owners Association, said in the press conference that the increase in the CNG prices would take the rates to Rs 950 per MMBTU, which would make the fuel unaffordable for the consumers.
“CESS should be imposed on equal basis for all sectors,” they said.
The CNG dealers said that LPG had never been a successful fuel in the past nor would be in the future. “The LPG cannot substitute CNG, and CNG closure during a period of petroleum shortage will create new crises,” they said.
“There are 3.5 million vehicles on road; the investment of billions may go waste and will discourage any future investment in the fuel sector,” they added. They announced a three-staged protest plan in case the government increased the CNG prices. “In the first phase, we will stage a protest demonstration in Islamabad on May 31, in Lahore on June 1, in Karachi on June 2, in Multan, Faisalabad and Jhang on June 3, and in Gujranwala and Gujrat on June 4,” they announced.
“In the second phase, if the government does not accept our demands, then all CNG stations of Pakistan will be closed for indefinite period,” they said, adding that in the third phase, petrol pumps would also be closed along with CNG stations. Paracha further said that the CNG sector consumed only 8 percent gas, which could resolve the electricity crisis by only 10 percent. We have given a comprehensive plan to the government to resolve the energy crisis, which would ease the gas shortage in six months, he added.