‘Bourne Legacy’: ‘Jason Bourne was the tip of the iceberg’


Jason Bourne is back in ‘The Bourne Legacy’. Well, almost. The full trailer for the upcoming ‘Bourne’ series spin-off-with Jeremy Renner replacing star Matt Damon, but not playing the title agent-has arrived, and it features a photo of Jason Bourne. ‘The Bourne Legacy’ focuses on Aaron Cross (Renner), a genetically-altered agent on the run from the people who made him into a heartless killer. Along the way he picks up a scientist (Rachel Weisz), who may or may not hold the key to his salvation. Starring those aforementioned Oscar nominees (and in the case of Weisz, Oscar winner), ‘The Bourne Legacy’ features Oscar Isaac, Joan Allen, David Strathairn, Scott Glenn and Albert Finney. Tony Gilroy-who wrote the first three ‘Bourne’ films-directs. ‘The Bourne Legacy’ is out on August 3.