Dow University organises farewell for Prof Dr Rana Qamar


Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) in order to pay tribute to its teaching faculty and Professor of Medicine, Prof Rana Qamar on her retirement organized a farewell reception today at DMC Campus.
Vice Chancellor, DUHS Prof Masood Hameed Khan and Senior faculty members of the University attended the reception. Dr Abu Talib presided over the ceremony. Dr Muhammad Masroor, Principal, Dow International Medical College gave the citation of Prof Dr Rana Qamar. He said that Dr Rana has a unique carrier history with great dedication and devotion for the University. He informed that during her professional career, she took active part in teaching and proved to be an excellent teacher of the University.
Everyone in the University is witnesses to her hard work day in and day responsibilities out. Besides her teaching, she successfully maintained all the administration assignments.
He termed her to be an instrumental for all the developmental work of the University. She also had been a contributing factor to the success of many academic and patients care projects. In the end, he prayed for her good health and future achievements.
Dr K. U. Maki in his address lauded Dr Rana Qamar as a dedicated academic and healthcare professional, with a deeply compassionate person and the one who did not back from challenges. He said that today it is a unique occasion with feeling of both sorrow and happiness because one of our colleague is retried from her post. He said that knowledge shine with the experiences.
He further shared his views by saying that during my affiliation with her, I saw her to be very competent, hard working and punctual lady in her official work. He briefed the quality of Dr Rana saying that she is a very humble professional lady, great teacher, service provider of her relatives and a religious lady. She is the brain of the University and is also the founder family of the University.
She has successfully completed her teaching task and is ready to take the responsible of quality control measures. He also prayed for her good health, secure life and future endeavours.
Dr Salahuddin Afsar shared the memories of Dr Rana through long association with Dow University. He said that she has worked extremely hard and with full dedication for the promotion of the University. She always fulfills her tasks with great competence. Being a good organizer, she has a lot of contribution to the university.
Dr Junaid Ashraf, Principal, Dow Medical College on the occasion said that Dr Rana is always at forefront for our guidance. She is very competent and hard working. We hope for her kind commitment and guidance in future also. Dr Khalid Mehmood shared his part memory with her by saying that she has God gift mind having pleasant personality. She always played the role of an elder sister to everyone. Although she is retired, she has a lot to deliver to the University.
Prof Dr Masood Hameed Khan, Vice Chancellor, DUHS in his address acknowledged the services delivered by Dr Rana Qamar during her professional carrier. He shared his long professional affiliation with her since the inception of the University.
He informed that she has proved herself to be a good teacher, administrator, faculty member and a mentor. She work hard day and night since the inception of the University and was always be at the forefront at the welfare work of the University. She has successfully fulfilled all her responsibilities and contributed a lot for the development work of the university. Dr Rana Qamar in her address overwhelmed by the sentiments expressed by her colleague. Recalling her time at Dow University, she said that excellence comes with passion, hard work, team work and full dedication. It is our team work and team cooperation. She further added that Dow University is her first home and she will always try to
fulfill her all responsibilities with full dedication as we all need to focus our target areas which will ultimately lead us to success. We all need to focus our target areas and this will help in the success. During her speech, she shared his part memories the development of the university.
Commissioner seeks identification of sites at risk of dengue outbreak: Commissioner of Karachi, Roshan Ali Shaikh has directed all deputy commissioners and assistant commissioners in city to identify potential sites at risk of dengue fever outbreak in the forthcoming monsoons.
Chairing a meeting in his office on Wednesday, he said it were the timely taken precautionary measures last year that protected citizens of Karachi against any human loss despite presence of the virus, which according to its set pattern gains intensity during monsoons and post monsoon season. He expressed his satisfaction that during the first five months of the current year 65 patients were taken to different hospitals as suspected cases of dengue and 53 were found to be dengue positive with no mortality and morbidity.
“This reflects the level of public awareness and sort of preparedness among the concerned departments and agencies, however, it must not be a cause of any complacency as outbreaks have to be handled with absolute care and caution,” said the commissioner.