World should acknowledge Pakistan Army’s sacrifices: China


Reiterating promotion of bilateral cooperation with Pakistan in defence and other sectors, China on Wednesday said the Pakistan Army had given enormous sacrifices in the war against terrorism that should be acknowledged by the world.
The affirmation to this effect was made by Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, who called on Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Kayani at General Headquarters.
According to a brief statement issued by the ISPR, a delegation led by the Chinese foreign minister called on the COAS. The visiting dignitaries remained with him for some time and discussed the matters of mutual interest.
However, sources said matters related to the overall regional situation, Pak-China defense cooperation, war on terror, ongoing projects in Pakistan with cooperation of China and security issues of Chinese engineers working on these projects were discussed. Enhancing Pak-China defence cooperation was also discussed.
The sources said the Chinese FM was of the view that Pakistan considered the war against terror as its own and the Pakistan Army had given enormous sacrifices to stamp out terrorism and these sacrifices should be acknowledged by the world.
The army chief said on the occasion that Pakistan would continue to work for regional peace and wanted to see a prosperous and stable Afghanistan, the sources added.


  1. My dear "All weather friend"…as they say where is the beef? We have been hearing china's grand words for years, now show us the money!!

  2. If China is delivering full support to Pakistan, then how come it is so dependent on US (the military in particular, plus other aids)?

  3. When China is recognising sacrifices made by Pakistan, it should not make any difference if the world does not recognise what is not visible. However, China's radars seem to be faulty which can't detect the terrorist training camps, haqqanis group, Let, Pak controlled Afghani Taliban, JeM, ISI's Mumbai attackers, JUD, Hafiz Saeed and D-Company, Govt's fake currency printing etc. When your all wheather friend a super power China is with you, you should have 'damn care' attitude towards others. Let others go to hell.

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