Two students commit suicide over rude teachers, bad grades


Two students on Tuesday committed suicide on Tuesday, with one blaming the unacceptable behavior of his teachers the reason for ending his own life. Mobin, a 13-year-old student at one of Abbotabad’s private boarding schools, wrote in his diary that his teachers’ unacceptable behavior had forced him to return home and hang himself. According to Cantt DSP Raja Suboor, the statements of Mobin’s former teachers, students, as well as the hostel’s wardens had been recorded. Mobin’s former teacher Sohrab Jadoon told police that the young boy was unhappy with hostel life. Meanwhile, a student depressed with bad grades ended his life in Karachi’s Paposh Nagar area on Tuesday.


  1. this wouldn’t have happened had the media showed its responsibility and had covered the issue in general way.its mirch masala has aggravated the situation when reporting it none of the channels gave PG warning

  2. Teachers should never be allowed to touch students. Students are vulnerable. Make laws to prevent verbal and physical abuse of students.

  3. education board is responsible for all this. I dont fell shame at all i also failed in ics exams. I know wat things i had to suffer. i thinking for suicide too.

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