SC grants 4 weeks to Awan for testimony


The Supreme Court on Tuesday granted four weeks to Babar Awan for his testimony in contempt of court case. A two-member SC bench comprising of Justice Athar Saeed and Justice Ejaz Afzal heard the case. As a prosecutor, Attorney General Irfan Qadir presented a CD of Awan’s press conference as evidence and said if the SC wanted to record his statement on the matter, he was ready to do that. The SC then recorded the prosecutor’s statement. Objecting to the evidence and the statement of the prosecutor, Awan said he would inform the court about reasons of his objection later. “If the objection is made over any evidence then according to law, the person who objected is bound to record his statement immediately and Senator Babar Awan has to record his objection immediately,” Justice Afzal said. Then Awan recorded his objection and said his press conference was not against the SC therefore he had objected over the CD being presented as evidence. He said he would continue to respect courts as a lawyer. “I had rendered an unconditional apology but court refused to accept it, I request the SC to not prosecute me as US authorities did Dr Afia Siddiqui because I am cooperating with the court,” Awan said. Justice Afzal said, “Your trial is very different from Dr Afia Siddiqui’s and you will be provided full chance to defend yourself.” Awan then asked the SC to grant him eight weeks to accumulate evidence to be presented before the court. But the SC granted four weeks to Awan and adjourned the hearing until June 27.


  1. I don't understand why no other party has reached out to awan. He is ready for the taking. If we can just turn him against ppp leadership, we can pin a lot of charges on zardari/gillani and get rid of them forever. We all know that babar awan is for sale. Lets have an auction and the highest bidder gets him.

    • Dear Kamran R u ready to bid for him? And by the way what could be his reserve price?

      • Its like buying stocks. You buy them low and hope they go up in value and you sell them. You look at the historical track record of the stocks and the company also. In awan's case, his stock has taken a beating. However, I also think that he can perform and become more valuable. The more information he can divuldge, the more valueable he becomes. I think he can be bought for around 5 crore right now. We should keep a reserve of around 3 crore. The winning bidder can milk this cow for every penny and probably double their money before dumping him 🙂

  2. Now Babar Awan is admitting that Aafia was not given a fair chance to defend herself. He was in the govt at that time and being a law minister had ample of opportunity to raise voice on Aafia's mistrial but he didn't do it.

    Why politicians in power remain indifferent on these national issues and when they are out, then they start speaking the truth.

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