Kazmi indicted in Hajj corruption case


A Special Judge Central of Rawalpindi court on Wednesday indicted Hamid Saeed Kazmi, former federal minister for religious affairs, and three others in Hajj corruption case.
Adjourning the hearing till June 5, the court has indicted Kazmi, Rao Shakeel and Aftabul Islam and also summoned 10 witnesses of the case.
The trio indicted denied the accusations charged against them.
Earlier on May 25, the judge Khalid Shabir rejected Kazmi’s acquittal plea under the clause 265KK, saying that the acquittal plea was premature.
“The accused would be indicted on May 30,” the court said.
Saeed, the accused, while talking to media in the court, said that he would appeal against the verdicts after a detailed judgment.


  1. It has now become apparent that there is no evidence against Kazmi. The courts seem to be unnecessarily harassing him. There seems to be some political agenda in this game.

  2. Why has it taken so long to establish corruption charges against the indicted persons including the former federal minister Mr. Saeed kazmi? Justice delayed is justice denied.

  3. kazmi is innocent…there was no evidence against him to begin with…
    if this case was presented in a country with fair judiciary, not only he would never be taken into custody…but by now he would have earned millions through compensations from the individuals who wrongly accused him.
    and mr pathan, it has taken so long because earlier in the case the FIA said there is not proof against kazmi, but supreme court delayed the case to harass the exminister, for either political or personal reasons… they kept changing fia DGs to express their desperation to find anything, whether relevant or not to hajj

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