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We don’t take PML-N threats seriously, says Gilani

Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani reaffirmed on Tuesday that his government does nt take PML-N’s threats against his office seriously.
While talking to media representatives after inaugurating a power plant here, Gilani said “Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan have no concern with the Parliament since they are not parliamentarians.”
“System is important, the Parliament is important and it should therefore complete its tenure,” Gilani observed.
The premier said his government doesn’t take PML-N seriously for their threats to take out a Long March pressing the PM to leave his office.
“We don’t take their threats seriously. They got the chance twice to serve the country but could not deliver, neither are they delivering in Punjab. The national knows them. They are in the government but want to be in opposition as well.”
Gilani vowed free and fair polls. “We want free and fair elections. This will be first ever government of Pakistan to hold smooth transition of power,” Gilani said.
About Pak-US dialogues, Gilani said “Islamabad will take the decision once the dialogues are concluded.”

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  1. zahid said:

    gilani, what you are forgetting is that nation elected your party to serve them, not for you to loot the country and please do not be using words like integrity because if anyone lacks it, its you. This is the worse period of our country and you are one of the reason.. Please leave and apply for political asylum somewhere since you have accumulated so much wealth.. lets give someone as sincere as IK to run the country.. please make sure to take zardi with you.. and please close the door after you..

  2. zahid said:

    and i guess you are one of the 30% that wants to leave the country so leave. noone is stopping you..

  3. Fezan said:

    One can expect the comments as above from an ignorant and deeply biased person.

    • Grazar said:

      But one still cannot expect someone so blind, ignorant and idiotic as you for still not realising the gravity of the situation. Please die.

  4. SGYKhan said:

    Yousef Raza Gilani never took the PM position seriously…
    he never took bringing up his children seriously…
    he never took the loan his wife fraudulently took seriously…

    The only thing that he will take seriously is the noose that will hang around his neck.

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