‘Coke Studio Season 5’ wows with 2nd episode


As ‘Coke Studio Season 5’ returned with its second episode, we present a low-down on the songs seen and heard on it.
Rabba Sacheya
Bringing together an interesting contrast in the song, Atif Aslam has merged Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s critically acclaimed ‘Rabba Sacheya’ with Khuwaja Ghulam Farid’s ‘Meda Ishq Vi Toon’. ‘Rabba Sacheya’ is an example of Faiz’s expression of sorrow and anger for the suffering of humanity.
Larho Mujhey
Larho Mujhey is one of Bilal Khan’s recent and un-released songs. The song was written and composed by Khan and it talks of determination, the willingness to fight for one’s self, and the struggle to achieve one’s dreams. Khan admits, “This song began as a rally for a personal cause. It was a pushback against the challenges and criticism an artist consistently encounters both internally and externally.”
Ishq Aap Bhe Awalla
Presented by the Chakwal Group and Meesha Shafi, the song uses allegorical references to everyday life to communicate a deeper spiritual meaning. It revolves around the life of a woman in love.Traditionally this song is performed at weddings.
Khabaram Raseeda
According to Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad, this qawali was composed by their ancestors who are descendants of Mian Samat Ibrahim -a disciple of Amir Khusro. The qawwali has been presented in Raag Bageshri and is a composition of a ghazal written by Amir Khusro. ‘Coke Studio’s modal music treatment of this track renders new, previously unheard versions of qawali.
Pere Pavandi Saan
Tahir Mithu presented this song that tells the story of Sindhi folk heroine Sassi, who searches for her lost lover Pannu after he was taken away from her during their wedding night. Shah Latif’s poetry are the words of Sassi-her prayers and her longings-as she goes on her search to find Pannu. Mithu wanted to sing this song to present the richness of Sindhi language, culture and literary heritage.


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