Robert Pattinson top choice for ‘The Hunger Games’ sequel


Robert Pattinson has reportedly being pursued to play the character Finnick Odair in ‘Catching Fire,’ the sequel to ‘The Hunger Games’.According to web site Think McFly Think, a studio source has said that Pattinson is a top choice for the role after with Lionsgate confirmed Francis Lawrence as the director of the sequel, the New York Post reported.The duo has worked together in the past, in the film ‘Water For Elephants.’In the ‘Hunger Games’ mythology, Finnick Odair is one of the battle royale’s youngest winners, the victor for the 65th annual Hunger Games. When he appears in the book ‘Catching Fire,’ he is in his mid-twenties and is noted to be very good looking, which is a perfect fit for Pattinson.