Reckless shooting kills four in Rawalpindi


A man flying in rage after he was denied a room in a hotel, gunned down four employees of the accommodation facility here in the city.
According to details, a man approached a hotel located in the city area of Pir Wadhai to take a room on rent. Finding no room available for him, he exchanged hot words with an employee and opened gunfire, injuring him.
The infuriated person also opened the rooms of the hotel and opened indiscriminate fire there killing hotel employees including Wali, Bashir, Mushir and Mubashir on the spot and injuring another employee Omar and a traveler Faisal.
Police, after gleaning clues from the shooting site, began investigations.


  1. This act of a single angry person is a reflection of the mental state of a society gone sick. Every person is loaded with so much of anger and hatred due to uncertainty and helplessness that just a normal incident could trigger them to take out this anger on anyone who is at the wrong place at the wrong time. Trigger happy, willing to die ready to kill. Where are we heading to?

  2. Zardari wanted 10 percent on hotel room rent…CJ should take suo moto against zardari.

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