Pakistan has capability to shoot down drones: AQ Khan


Renowned nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has said that Pakistan has the capability to shoot down unmanned surveillance drone aircrafts adding that the country is facing internal threats rather than external.
Talking to a private TV channel on Monday he said that they had built missiles in Kahuta some 15 years ago which have the capability to shot down drone aircrafts.
Dr. A.Q Khan said the Army has taken oath for the security of borders but what is the use of oath if violation of border continues.
“Zia ul Haq was a dictator but he was a patriotic ruler of Pakistan and current rulers are corrupt and robbers”, he stated.
Dr. A.Q Khan said, “Pakistan’s defence look very impenetrable externally, but it is vulnerable internally due to the internal situation of the country, we had planned that nation would focus on progress, education and industrial advancement but rulers have plundered the public property for many years”.
“Even having nuclear capability, it is a wrong perception that we can not take action against the United States, England or France because we have accumulated nuclear system against India”, he said.
He stated the green passport had respect across world in the past but nowadays it does not have any value.


  1. He is right. Shooting down these drones is not an issue. The real issue is that we as a nation or as a country are tottering on the edge … almost fighting for our survival … everybody seems to be in a wild rush for the gold wherever it is found .. it is an all-round plunder and as it goes, a few unlucky folks dying in these drones are less likely to stir the imagination or move the conscience of the rulers

  2. Thank you Doctor Qadeer but unfortunately the filth that is Kiyani is too much of a coward, rusted, old and corrupt.

  3. Dr. Sb you become a Politician and you want to be Next PM, i think a scientist must be a scientist. You did a great job for the county but at the same time you enjoyed the best of the best facilities of this poor nation. You authorities as head of the Kahuta was not less than President of Pakistan. At that time you were a king. Now at home you pray and Say Allah Allah instead of giving political statements daily. Secondly dont think that you are the only patriotic person in the country. We paid taxes from our income against which you prepared the atom bomb, we the whole nation paid the price. Have you done any thing for electricity or some other human welfare work, when you were heading Kahuta??????

  4. Dear Dr.Khan, the more you speak the more one starts thinking that you might have a hidden agenda!"The current leaders are corrupt and robbers" Nawaz should forget politics! Mr Shabaz is a good hard working man and then the same ? gentlman opens a hospital in your name! Youe criticism is selective.
    One really wonders whether despite your nobel work you too have skeletons in the cupboard. Media is addictive. Please avoid it before your name is dragged into mud!

  5. the man doesn't know the all pakistani fleet is run on american spareparts….if they stop sending the spareparts, entire pakistani fleet would be grounded…..He is deliberately giving confusing statements…..He should answer the allegation the world alleged against him…the personnal enrichment in the name of uranium enrichment.

  6. wow……….what an information……….khan sb. We are really really enlightened.

  7. pakistan have many much abilities if he done all that abilities , we are a power of the world , sirf achay hukmraano kyh zarurat hai

  8. We have all the tech to shoot down the latest fighter jets, let alone drones. What we don't have is cojones, THE BALLS do to it

  9. Dear Dr.Khan–I don't know how you define patriotism. In your eyes Zia was a patriot. How about ZAB who left no stone unturned to help you.Even in prison while awaiting the hangman's noose he was sendig messages that your program should continue. He had been earlier threatened by Secretaty of state Henry Kissinger but did not yield. After ZIa every COAS and PM supported you. Were they all less patriots. Credit goes to ZAB. He was mercurial but offered to eat grass so that you could build the bomb!

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