Electricity shortfall reaches 6500 MGW


The electricity shortfall has reached 6500 megawatt due to shortage of oil and gas to power houses.
According to the Ministry of Water and Power sources, the generation of electricity is 10,500 Mega Watt while requirement is 17,000 Mega Watt.
Owing to shortfall of electricity unscheduled and long hours power outage in cities and villages has increased.
In Lahore along with other cities, power outages have been increased to 14 hours while in villages it has reached to 20 hours.
Because of severe heat wave in Lahore and power outages, several areas are facing water shortages.


  1. Who is responsible for purchase of fuel for this vital industry? Why can't our industry proform to 90% of the capacity? Further, why are we paying for capacity & running into larger circular debt.

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