$30m `Great Gatsby` mansion restored to former glory


Photographs of the colonial mansion, which is said to be the inspiration of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary classic ‘The Great Gatsby’, clearly show the estate’s former grandeur. In the roaring twenties, the lavish home on the North Shore of Long Island was the go-to party house for the likes of Fitzgerald, Winston Churchill and the Marx Brothers. Land’s End came to a sad end last month when it was demolished after the owners could no longer afford the 4,500 dollars a day upkeep of the home. The estate, which sprawled over 13 acres, was valued at 30 million dollars when it was torn down, a leading daily has reported.The incredible photos, from an old listing brochure posted on Old Long Island blog, were taken in the ‘70s or early ‘80s, before the mansion was brought in 1983. The brochure lists the house for 2.5 million dollars, a sum that includes “all furniture, drapes, linens, complete service of English threat silver and Baccarat crystal for 48, furnishings in all bldgs.”