Situation in Karachi


Karachi, famously known as the city of lights has been the attraction of the country since a very long period. The city not only offers malls flooded with international brands but also various franchises to cater to the needs of different tastes and classes. It is the only city with a proper sea channel and developed sea views, which have been the prime cause for the arrivals of all ethnic groups and social classes. The Port Grand recently established has just added more flavour to its dish of amusement.
However, since past 2-3 years the city has experienced a fall in the no. of visitors despite all the attractions it has in store.
This change of trend has been the victim of criminal activities jeopardizing the city. Not only have the rate of street crimes or corruption increased but the violence caused by different political parties is also haunting the city. The economical and commercial hub of the country, generating more than 50 percent of the nation’s revenue is under depression. The protests, strikes or clashes causing a halt in business activities will in future result in an economic crisis as a whole. It almost seems like a conspiracy planned by the people unknown to weaken the economy by keeping the city constantly under disturbance.
The situation is such that not only are tourist afraid to step in the city, but the nationals residing in different cities as well avoid their visit even to their loved ones, in the fear of getting mugged or killed. If not by the criminals the by the police, who are meant to protect us all. As in many a cases these police constables are found involved in the criminal activities and giving rise to corruption. These officials are found taking off bribe from the general public on literally daily basis. It is saddening to be a part of such a criminal and corrupt environment.
Hence the city is need for serious help. It is an appeal of a suffering citizen from the concerned authorities to revise the system and the policies currently being implemented as a whole as soon as possible.


  1. Its my humble request to all political parties , criminals culprits plz humans ko humans smjhy khuda sy dryay plz chore day is jang zindagi ak baar mlti hy mat logo ka katlo gharat kry kitny logo k ghar ujar diay hn plz allah sy dray plz…………………………………………….

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