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Langah terms Saraiki province due right

Chairman Saraiki Party Barrister Taj Muhammad Langah said Saturday that Saraiki province is the due right of the people which should be given to them with out any delay. While addressing a press conference at Larkana Press Club he said that Saraiki people have their own land and thousands year old identity . The Saraiki belt was a province under the State of Bahawalpur before 1848 and it was forcefully merged into Punjab. He said Saraiki people still observe the black day, on the date when Saraiki areas were merged with Punjab. He said that now after coming the demand of province on surface, Punjabi establishment is hatching a conspiracy to name the new Saraiki Province as Southern Punjab which will never be accepted at any cost. . He said that the name of new province should be are under consideration including East Sindh, Saraikistan.
He alleged that PML N Chief Mian Nawaz Sharif is Punjabi Mohajir who is working on agenda of division of Sindh and provoking the linguistic atmosphere in country in order to contain the on going movement of Saraiki People .

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  1. An Army Officer said:

    East-Sindh is very beautifull name…

  2. Mohsin Hasan khan Langah said:

    Inshalah we get just and only seraikistan…!

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