India offers Pakistan 56 crore for handing over Hafiz Saeed


Exasperated with Pakistan’s refusal to act against Hafiz Saeed, Indian Home Secretary R. K. Singh had offered that India would even be ready to pay Rs. 56 crore to Pakistan in case Saeed is handed over to them, Indian media revealed on Sunday.
Reports said that Singh’s remark came at the conclusion of the two-day talks in Islamabad on Friday where the much-anticipated signing of the visa agreement between both countries did not happen.
Singh, however, maintained that there was enough evidence provided by India against Saeed and that added to the proof collected against Saeed by Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).
He said it was adequate to arrest and prosecute Saeed for the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.
When asked if India would in that case pocket the Rs. 56 crore bounty offered by the US for providing evidence leading to conviction of Saeed, Singh said that India would be more than happy to give Pakistan that amount if they handed over Saeed to India.


  1. Not a bad offer, grab it, use this money for some better purpose and get rid of one religious extremist.

  2. Pakistan has lost many things with India due to this person. We must hand over this mass massacrer to India. In Pakistan, which has politicians like geelani, its impossible to think that we can combat terrorism. New trade treaty is in waiting for long due to hafiz saeed case.
    India is too concerned about their people security but are our politicians “REALLY” concerned about us?

  3. It is shameful for India to be begging like this. As long as Pakistan feels that characters like saeed and other terrorists roaming freely in Pakistan is causing heartburn for India, they will continue to ask for 'more evidence' just to rub it in. The only option for India is throw the MFN document in the Indian ocean, turn its back on Pakistan for the next 50 years and shoot anything that tries to crawl across the border into India.

    • No, no., dear Sir. Sufficient evidence has nothing to do with the whole affair. The real problem is that there is no Honorable Judge in Pakistan who can gather enough courage to convict Hafiz Saeed. You know the fate of the Judge who convicted and sentenced Qadari to death.

  4. The thing irritates alot is why bounty on Pakistani persons` head, is it the only way by which Govt. is suppose to wary about handing over it`z citizens…
    Why is Pakistan that much mis-interpreted?? if Hafiz Saeed is guilty or something, we have our own courts, India can ask us to make him come to the justice…

  5. Goes to show that India feels that Pakistanis leadership can be bought. Let the negotiations begin.

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