Bilawal expresses confidence about resolution of Pak- US issues


The Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has expressed the confidence that Pakistan and the United States will resolve their issues as they have common goals and aims.
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also urged the Untied States to stop drone attacks in tribal areas as these are counter productive due to the civilian toll they take.
In an interview‚ he termed the drone attacks as carpet bombing of Pakistan and violation of its sovereighty and international law.
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari refuted the American argument that drone attacks are an important tool in the war against terrorism.
Referring to Pakistan US relations‚ he said both the countries are working to resolve their differences.
He expressed the confidence that the two countries will work together to resolve their issues because of the commonality of goal and aim.
To a question about sentencing of fake vaccinator Dr Shakil Afridi‚ the PPP chairman said cooperation with foreign intelligence agency is against the law in every country.
To another question‚ he said Pakisan has an independent judiciary which the Pakistan People’s Party had restored.
Addressing a selected gathering of US and Pakistan officials‚ scholars‚ journalists and think tank experts in Washington the PPP Chairman said it is time to turn a new corner to re-establish the working relationship in political and military partnership between Pakistan and the United States for a stable‚ South and Central Asia.


  1. "Pakisan has an independent judiciary which the Pakistan People's Party had restored."-but isnot applicable to PPP govt ,Gilani's,Zardari's-they are above the law!!!!!

  2. I do not think we are a monarchy. This kid has no business to be so called Chairperson of PPP, which his father and late mother destroyed

  3. Educated in Dubai and England,he had no interaction with the people of Pakistan. However he will be the leader of Ppp and may be the prime minister. Why do not we hire an honest foreigner to run the country.

    • Correction, didnt complete the education either… was happy drunk & chasing skirts

  4. Why is this foreigner commenting on the problems facing 180mn people. Bilawal is Zardari`s son so why does have the Bhutto name?

    • bravo!wants to capitalise on "bhutto" rather than a "criminal" zardari name-clearly he is ashamed of using the name-these peoplewill even sell their mothers for their gain

  5. What anybody even pay attention to him if he wasn't the product of a lucky s p e r m?

  6. Someone tell him to shut the fock up. he is nobody but a bloody kid with a foreign passport

  7. He does not hv a foreign passport at all. So all the mullah rightist guys here, dont spread false rumours here. I know all rightist Jamatias have deep-rooted habit of spreading false propagenda. They r trained in this by their Madressahs

  8. Pakistan was not good enough for him to be raised in but yet its good enough for him to think of ruling it? No wonder ppp only wants un educated, stupid people as its workers. ppp leaders know their followers will never amount to anything in life and that makes for a good lower class that they can rule.

  9. Yes…like your Maran Khan…whose kids are studying in UK, but wants a education of madrassas for whole Pakistan!

    • Inqelab Khan, are his kids making policy statements for Pakistan? No wonder musa gillani is selling drugs. That way he can keep people like you ignorant and stupid and keep your brains fried so you can't think on your own.

  10. Watch the recent interview of Bilawal on Youtube on US-Pakistan relations. May 22, 2012. Please give your fair judgement. You want him to study in Punjab and act like Shareefs?

    • Fezan, my point is that all these leaders who come and stay in power do nothing to improve the education system in Pakistan. Its not the quantity that matters, its the quality. Why don't they do something about improving the educational system in Pakistan so they don't have to send their kids to foreign boarding schools? You have to live in Pakistan amongst the people so you can relate to their daily problems. You have to earn your place, you can't demand it or expect it to be given to you.

    • Fezan, no, I don't want anyone to act like shareefs. I do, however, want these leaders to do something about the quality of education in Pakistan so they don't have to send their kids abroad for education. They have all had a chance but they have never done anything to improve the "quality" pf education. They can afford to send their kids to foreign schools but not everyone can. What about the other 99.99%?

  11. Correct. Local institutions/universities cannot cater that education unless the society contracts new social order. Long way to go. A plan to establish campuses of the international universities was a good idea.

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