Review: ‘Men In Black 3’ is worth the wait


They are back to wipe out slimy aliens from the face of the earth. Releasing ten years after its predecessor ‘Men in Black 2’ and fifteen years after the original ‘Men in Black’, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that MIB 3 is worth the wait. This time round, the wicked aliens look all the more perilous. The straight faced sentinels of the planet, Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K, played by Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin, live up to their holier-than-thou vow of abolishing the aliens. The story runs back to 1969, thanks to a time travel medallion. Coming to the story, Boris the freak, captured and maimed in 1969 by Agent K, has escaped from a special lunar prison and is bent on revenge. So the creature returns to 1969 with the sole motive to kill Agent K and complete the destruction of the earth. Apparently successful in his mission, Agent J wakes up one morning to a new reality. The world is new place for Agent J now. His partner Agent K is nowhere to be found and there is a new boss in Agent O (Emma Thompson), who is concerned about J’s bizarre behaviour. Using a device similar to the one employed by Boris, J successfully travels back to meet Agent K at an earlier age (played wryly and delightfully by Josh Brolin) convincing him of the imminent danger to the world. The actors have done a wonderful job with the makers proving their mettle even more strongly with some high technology use of transforming the alienised era of 1969 to perfection. A Hollywood extravaganza that you just cannot afford to miss. Go, have fun! Ratings: Three cheers for the men in black!