CNG price hike is a bit of a turn off for APCNGA


All Pakistan CNG Association has demanded of the government to announce reduction in gas load shedding for CNG, withdraw illegal increase of Rs 11.50 and rollback cess tax.
The central chairman of All Pakistan CNG Association while addressing a press conference in Islamabad, he said that if government does not take back all these steps then we will close down all the CNG and Petrol Pumps of the country for strike. The final program for strike and stage a sit in will be announced on Tuesday.
Ghiyas Paracha said that the proposal for imposing more CESS tax and CNG and increase of CNG retail price will crush CNG industry. Both the proposals are unjust with 4 Million vehicle owners and 50 Million CNG consumers. “ CNG sector consumes only 7% percent of Gas and gives 21% revenue which makes it one of the most profitable sector for government”, Ghiyas Paracha added.
He said: “We will not let LPG to disturb 50 million consumers and 4 million vehicle owners and an economical travel facility of the middle class of our country.” He said they have given a comprehensive formula to enhance government’s revenue and gas shortage this plan will resolve the electricity and energy crisis of the country.
“With the help of our formula government will earn more than 78 billion monthly extra revenue which will help to meet government’s circular debt. He said that in summer season LPG is at the cheapest price, the imported LPG is substandard, if it may provided to public absolutely free even then it is not feasible and suitable for public. Only some selfish persons want to import substandard LPG and snatch it from poor consumers. Ghyas Paracha said that for benefit of some selfish persons how government can give loss to 40 million people and snatch cheaper travel facility from price stricken masses of the country.
He said that New Taxes in budget would boost up the inflation and people can never purchase 100 rupees kg CNG. The conspiracies to shut down CNG sector will give lose of trillions to government and public and we would not let LPG to disturb 50 millions consumers and 4 million vehicle owners. He said that there must be some enemy in the government who wants to defame and fail the government in the next elections so why he is floating these type of anti public ideas and proposals.