SC suspends Farahnaz Isfahani’s NA membership over dual nationality


The Supreme Court on Friday suspended the National Assembly (NA) membership of Farahnaz Isfahani for holding dual citizenship, besides barring her from attending sessions and participating in standing committees meetings.
A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry issued the order on a plea by Syed Mehmood Akhtar Naqvi and others, challenging the holders of dual nationality as members of parliament.
The bench observed in its order that in the concluding para of the respondent, she had made an admission that she was a naturally born citizen of Pakistan as well as of the United States by virtue of the permission granted by the Citizenship Act, 1951, as also by the constitution.
The bench in its order noted that the parliamentarians with dual nationality contravened the constitutional provision of Article 63 (1) (c).
Earlier, Advocate on Record Chaudhry Akhtar Ali submitted a written reply on behalf of the respondent, and said that the court had no jurisdiction to go into such issues.
In her reply, Isfahani stated that she took oath as an elected member of the parliament, and was faithful and loyal to Pakistan, adding that her dual citizenship had not and would not undermine her loyalty to Pakistan. She said the dual citizenship was recognised by the law, and was permissible under the constitution. The only way in which a member of parliament might be disqualified was through the procedure laid down in the Article 63 (2) of the constitution, she added in her reply. She further contended that a dual citizenship could not be used to disqualify a member of National Assembly especially when the law itself had not been questioned directly before the Supreme Court. The dual citizenship has been evolved over the years and a number of countries had adopted this concept as it was for the benefit of both countries, besides ensuring the rights of the citizens of Pakistan who had gone abroad, she added. Commenting on the SC orders after her membership was suspended, Isfahani said, “I had instructed my lawyers to present true facts and that is what they did and if presenting truth elicits such snap interim orders, we have no regret and will continue to fight for our legal rights.”


    • There must be many more in the presidency of this 'Islamic Republic' for this (once known as playboy) president.

      • It is known in Islamabd that she was his favourite. He will definitely miss her badly

        • Just a rumor but I heard that zardari is doing gillani's wife also. I guess they are all one happy family 🙂

          • You are mentioning here your own family customs, sure. In mirror of Zardari/Gilani you see what s happening in your own family. You r a real HARRRRRAMI

  1. Why only this lady, all those who got the dual nationality, should quit. Specially Mr. Rehman Malik should be thrown out of the assembly.

    • RAJAH sahib, if Justice Chaudry has a Vendetta against PPP, what do you think Rehman Malik will be there where he is ????

      • Ravian sahib, SC tried its best to cornor Rehman malik, but govt is govt, and he is interior minister and knows all the weaknesses of Cheif Justice and other judges.

  2. These dual natioanality holdwes aew very dangerous for the country as they supply all the proceedings and information to other country.They are not loyal to Pakistan and are an open threat to the security of the country.The S C must take necessary actions agaisnt the election Commision why these cases were ignored?

  3. There are many dual nationality holders in our Parliament & Judiciary. Chairman Iftikhar Chaudhry of Supreme Court Party continues to harass Haqqani and his family. Does he not fear Allah's wrath?

  4. AWESOME!!! thank God kisi Political person ko sahi saza di!!! we are with you SC..

    Shahid sahib, after one year even now you do not understand who the traitor was, then humari qaum pr yehi waqt ana chahiay..You should read about how Haqqani sent blueprints from Srilanka to US about Pakistan assets!!!…do your research..ap k pass roti kapra maakan hai…56% of pakistanis do not have 2 time ki roti..Pakistan had only one leader..M Ali Jinnah!!

  5. Chairman SupremeCourt Party of Pakistan Zindaabad. Chiefjustice is growing moustachs now-a-days to become like General Zia. He expects army to bring him into power, he wish emergency in the country. The very same emergency under which he was removed by Musharaf.

  6. In this picture, she looks like she is growing a beard. I bet she has bigger b a l l s than her husband.


  8. Lets see; she pledged allegiance to the USA and pledged allegiance to Pakistan. When the US demands that your forsake loyalty to a foreign power, was she just be 'political' by lying?

    As the Bible says "A man (or even such a woman) cannot have two masters".

    This woman just gets up my nose. She is too arrogant for words and needs to be taken down a peg or two. Hopefully lying under oath, which is what she can be seen as having done, is a crime against human and Divine Law.

  9. There is a long list of dual nationality holders including ministers, MNAs, Senators, MPAs, Ambassadors, Former MD PIA Capt Aijaz Haroon, Gov State Bank, President National Bank and if you have forgotten former Chairman Indus Basin Commission who fled to Canada, Hamesh Khan, Fed Secretaries Capt Naseer, Slaman Siddique, etc etc etc

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