Bill Gates invites Pak student who set world record


Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates has invited an intelligent Pakistani student Shayan Anique Akhtar who set a world record in Microsoft Professional Certificate programme.
According to sources, Shayan Anique Akhtar, a student of a private school, has scored 998 marks out of 1000 and set a new world record in the programme and he is scheduled to meet Bill Gates in July this year on a special invitation of the Microsoft founder.
Shayan, who is waiting for his matriculation results, started making computer and mobile games back in 2009 and many international firms appreciated his world and started buying his games from him.
He is also a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) and Microsoft Professional Developer (MPD).


  1. You gave us a great reason to believe once again that we are a forward looking and bright nation…. We are proud of u ….

  2. May Allah bless you and keep you away from the evils eyes. Keep up the good work. Mashallah.

  3. Guys, Its not to disappoint any one. Scoring full marks in MCP and other certification are not a big deal. Even a dump guy is making full mark with Testking materials. Bill Gates won't met for such small things. Probably ask the folk get ready to answer his questions on the subject. Good luck.

    • Siva we have no concern of his intellect. but I wonder why you are so concerned. He is talented and you should appreciated it out of your 1 billion population how many have been able to meet bill gates. lets see probably none.

      • How many have been able to meet bill gates? Are you kidding me?. Many software engineers in Microsoft from India directly give presentations to Bill Gates about some stategic product etc. Believe it or not I am recruited for Microsoft, San Francisco

    • Scoring full marks in MCP and other certification might not be not a big deal for adults but he is stil in High School dude.

  4. Bravo dear shayan i am very happy to see you so god gifted boy. May allah succeed you all the way in your life. Go and brighten your name and country.

    Mehrab Khan Mari From Sindh Pakistan

  5. so brilliant… good to hear about the invitation and a huge chance for a better future and all that…if we will accept foreign invitations then WHO WILL PUT HIS EFFORTS FOR PAKISTAN!

  6. best of luck dear but plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz keep in mind that u r an acit of ur country bt not the otherz after meeting
    keep in mind pakistan

  7. There are 100s of bright people like him in Pakistan they only need is a chance.

  8. what did bill gates invite this student to? a party? a high paying job at microsoft? i hope, aside from brains, he has the integrity not to just go for big bucks. pakistan cd use his talent, i'm sure.
    i hope he didnt cheat, like some ppl are saying.


  10. we are proud of you do some thing more in future hum sub ki duain thumhary sath hain .
    allah bless you.
    khaled khan

  11. Sad to read comments from some friends across the border, thay cant even digest talent in Pakistan

  12. bill gates is atheist & all of u r feeling very great by getting invitation of an atheist & praying to god for blessing hahaha jaY ho pakistan

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