‘Balochistan situation warrants emergency’


The Supreme Court on Wednesday said governments came and went, but “we have to save the country and if the prime minister does not perform his duties, the constitution will work and emergency can be enforced in the case pertaining to law and order in Balochistan and the missing persons’ issue across the province”.
A three-member Supreme Court (SC) bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry was hearing the proceedings of the Baloch missing persons’ case at Supreme Court’s Quetta Registry.
Defence Secretary Nargis Sethi, Principal Secretary to the PM Khushnood Lashari and other high ranking officials appeared before the court on Wednesday.
During the proceedings, the CJP told Lashari that the Balochistan situation was very serious but nothing was being done according to the constitution and people were pointing fingers at law enforcement agencies like the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Military Intelligence (MI) and Frontier Corps (FC) for abduction of people and extra judicial killings.
He added that the province was experiencing the menace of targeted killing due to religious ethnicity, scholars were being killed, development was equal to zero while a provincial minister had claimed that provincial ministers were involved in Balochistan unrest. The CJ expressed annoyance over the lack of interest of rulers regarding Balochistan and said if the government did not work, the courts would still continue performing their duties.
He added that the rulers were resting in Islamabad, while various areas of the province had become no go areas. Besides, the “deputy attorney general is not ready to write a single line to the federal government over the situation”.
The chief justice questioned why the provincial interior minister had not come to court despite being summoned.
The provincial interior secretary replied that he had tried to contact the minister throughout the night, but could not get through to him.
The CJ then said there were serious allegations against the provincial interior minister regarding missing persons’ case.
The interior secretary told the SC that the provincial interior minister had been informed about the allegations, to which the CJ ordered the provincial interior minister be brought to Islamabad after registering a case against him.
The principal secretary to the PM told the SC that the government had started “Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan” package, to which the chief justice said “go and witness the situation of the province”. He said a torched house was repaired once the fire had been put out. “The Deputy Attorney General is showing unserious behavior on part of the federal government by resigning and on the other hand, national anthem is not allowed to be played in various areas of Balochistan,” he added.
Justice Khilji Arif Hussain told the advocate general, “How can we resolve the issue of Balochistan as it is a burning issue of the country, people are pointing their fingers towards the institutions which are sacrificing on the other fronts.”
He said they were contributing their due share to put out the fire that was burning Balochistan.


      • Dear Naazo and respected sHAHID the situation is so worse in Balochistan .What did our president ,prime minister, and parliament in this regard. the obvious answer is nothing .if pakistan does not want to include the balochistan in territory then left it on the blessing of parliament and should destroy the Supreme as it is a great hurdle in the way of Corrupt political leaders .is the current set-up representing the democracy?
        If it is democracy then it is worse then Martial law.

    • very saad of your comment about cj,he is the saviour other wise these corrupt leeds us to the way like suddan and somalia,

      • dear i mean those who do not want the supremacy of the supreme court wanted to destabilize. it is chief justic who is trying to save this nation other wise corrupt PPP leaders would have sold this country. LONG LIVE CHIEF JUSTIC AND LONG LIVE SUPREME COURT

  1. if we have Chief Injustice of Pakistan Mr Iftikhar Chaudri I think we dont need parliament president and Prime minister any more,He is good enough to fix Pm And President but when it comes to punishing terrorists he hides behind his Masters in uniform. For more details and the great achievements of Pak judiciary Pls visit http://mullahmilitarymilitantsandjudiciary.blogsp

  2. about terrorist the laws are not supportive ,when no evidence against them then what to do? so parliament should make strict law's,

    • In case of lack of evidence, take the short cut like in the case of Dr Shakil Afridi, a government surgeon who helped the CIA uncover Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts, was sentenced to 33 years for treason under the tribal justice system in Khyber district.

  3. Chief Justice is the only hope for this country otherwise you have seen this government, looting every thing and poor people are dying and attempting suicide. number of people below poverty line are increasing day by day, and this is alarming.

  4. We are a rotten society. Judiciary is very much part of us. Basic principle is that one should venture to sermonise and correct others when his own house is in order. Our judiciary is corrupt & incompetent from top to bottom. Present judicial activism is actually not judicial activism. It is unadulterated political activism.

    Nation had high hopes in respect of restoration of Iftikhar Chaudhry. He has been a total disappointment. Ever since his reinstatement on 22 March 2009, he has pursued path of political vendetta. It seems justice figures nowhere in his actions.

    Societies where there is no system of dispensation of justice are doomed. All of us have to share responsibility but of course, if anything goes wrong, Chaudhry Court will be the main culprit. History has never seen such a prejudiced judiciary.

  5. He is the Man who is constantly telling the PPP leaders that look at the situation. Its getting worse but they are just busy in their own life. Why the hell we select these kinda people.

  6. He needs another kick on his backside for the third time..He is useless and Zardari was right for not restoring him …he is politician in judges uniform.

    • Brother ashiq Hussain you mean, it would be better to have silence over these atrocities,

  7. Criticism of the chief justice is most absurd, what can he do when the executive keeps transferring investigating officers, the government is defying the judiciary and shielding all the corrupt.

  8. I wish this statement had come two years earlier and action taken! What is SC waiting for ? Only a fool will believe that a weasel will not steal both the chicken and the eggs and a skunk will not throw it's stinking odor to befool the unwary public in the name of Islam to save democracy!!

  9. I think CJ should threaten agencies who are more powerful than the government. Civilian governments have always been given powers with many conditions attached and CJ knows this. He should stop bullying civilian government and their officers. Can he call Army Chief, no. Yes he is only after democratically PM and the President.

    • Good point, while the CJ is going in the right direction, one gets the feeling, hes beeing very cautious and a bit too slow, lazy with the process. We need to improve conditions in Balochistan, get rid of feudal lords there (bring to justice & kill them) & spread education, infrastructure there so the economy can pick up and bring relief to the people.

      A prosperous Balochistan is in the interest of entire Pakistan… except ofcourse the gutter scum that is Zardari, Gilani, Rehman Malik mafia.

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