Let’s educate Pakistan


Supporters of The Citizens Foundation (STCF) held a charity auction recently, to raise funds for the education of less privileged children across TCF schools in Pakistan.
The fun-filled evening, attended by some 200 ladies, was charged with enthusiasm to support and help raise funds for the schools run by The Citizens Foundation. The women-only event hosted Naureen Sattar who sang and enchanted the audience with her melodious voice. With table and sitar playing in the background, she sang some of the famous ghazals of Iqbal Bano and Mehdi Hasan and truly lit up the evening.
Later, the event was preceded by a hi-tea was held in an STCF member’s residence in DHA. Like all previous similar events organized by STCF, the theme of this event was ‘festivities and colours’ and saw visitors draped in colourful
and lively dresses.
Speaking at the occasion, STCF Vice Chairperson Bushra Afzal pledged for more donations to help TCF forward its cause of reaching out to the lowest strata of society and enlightening young minds with the light of education.
The money raised from the event will go to TCF for educating children. STCF is a group of supporters who organize fundraising events, auctions and high-teas to raise funds for the cause. It is worth noting that an amount of Rs 12,000 supports the yearly educational expenses of a child enrolled in a TCF school.