US should apologize: Hina


Foreign Minister Hina Ranbbani Khar has said Pakistan still seeks apology from Washington for killing 26 Pakistani soldiers while clearing that it does not want permanent blockade of NATO supply.
In an exclusive interview to a private news channel here, the Foreign Minister said Pakistan’s sovereignty should be respected. The public reaction comes when sovereignty of the country is violated, Hina said.
She said that Pakistan’s Parliament has urged better relations with the world community and it has reviewed relations with the US and ISAF.
The foreign minister said that Pakistan is still under pressure regarding restoration of NATO supply.
“We want to tell the world that Pakistan is also a coalition partner to ensure peace in Afghanistan which is also in the better interest of the region,” she added.
Rejecting the criticism over President Zardari’s participation in Chicago Conference, Hina Rabbani Khar said those criticizing the President want to drag the country into backwardness.
The foreign minister further said that restoration of NATO supply is not the issue only between Pakistan and the US but it is a matter of relations with sixty countries.
Pakistan’s stance cannot be well understood if it is kept at distance from the world community, she concluded.
Meanwhile, Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has also called for a US apology over cross border attack in Salala. Speaking at a ceremony he raised voice against US drone attacks, saying the strikes were a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty.
He said that questions were being raised on Pak-US friendship following the bilateral operation in Abbottabad. Bhutto said that Pak-US relations are passing through a critical phase. The PPP chairman said that Pakistan is determined to eliminate terrorism. He said that his mother Benazir Bhutto struggled for the uplift of woman and strengthened democracy.


  1. This is all a put on show by this restaurant owner.She is an American agent.Make no mistake.

  2. “This did require a complete relook at the terms of engagement with the United States of America.” Khar said the new terms could help mend US-Pakistan relations and restore the trust and respect that have eroded between the two countries.
    this is what miss khar said a while back on the same issue. i say, what if these sixty countries decide that pakistan should strip and perform for them periodically…would we do it too?(i think this is exactly what we do since we do not have a head to think)
    miss. khar imagine what label shall define you once you are done and gone?… stop being the interface of deceit and lies..share the truth and we shall overcome!

  3. If only Pakistan Politicians knew what austerity meant. The country would not have to beg and plead in international forums to respect its sovereignty. Eventually and ultimately Pakistan will succumb to US pressures and compromise on all standing issues because Pakistan is economically unenviable state. Corrupt politicians and their heirs are eating away the nation like termites.
    May Allah send HIS wrath upon them .

  4. They never miss an opportunity to fool the people.Zardari is there to sort out his personal dirty laundry and Khar is game.

      • Know I understand meaning of pakistani democracy the two richest persons in power & opposition Zardari 1.5b$ and Nawaz 1b$

    • This is Pakistan. Any thing impossible is possible. There are hundres of example. They like to have square pegs in round holes. That is why Pakistan is march towards veing failed state and a terrible dysfunctional soceity.

  5. Our politicians are beggar to America how can they refuse them. they are just making the public fool by their rhetoric.

  6. F.M says qoute" Rejecting the criticism over President Zardari’s participation in Chicago Conference, Hina Rabbani Khar said those criticizing the President want to drag the country into backwardness"

    Pakistan has already marching towards dark stone ages, where people have to live in dark most of the day. They dont food, they dont have gas. They are not safe, They cant even go to mosque to pray without risking their lives. On top of ot it they raped every single day by people like Gilani, Zardari and their cronies. Politiican dont respect the law of Pakistan expects thta other shoud respect then when they dont have respect for themselves. Bottom line is that Pakistan is a screwed up Nation

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