Shah Rukh and Akshay on friendly terms again


Not all’s wrong with the current season of IPL. During Saturday’s match between Kolkata and Pune, all heads turned as Shah Rukh Khan walked purposefully toward archrival Akshay Kumar, going on to slap his shoulder in friendly way. The spectators in Pune looked even more surprised as the two actors sat together, locked in a private conversation that lasted 15-odd minutes. All thanks to producer Shabina Khan, who had accompanied Akshay for the match. Shabina, we believe, walked up to Shah Rukh Khan to say hello. When Shah Rukh asked her about Akshay, he was told that the actor was only a few seats away. SRK did the unimaginable: he immediately got up and headed toward Akshay. “This is when all eyes turned,” revealed an eyewitness, adding that Shah Rukh praised Akshay for the promos of ‘Rowdy Rathore’ which is going to be released in start of June and is distributed by IMGC in Pakistan. Interestingly, Shah Rukh has had a rather rocky relationship with the film’s producer Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Ever since ‘Om Shanti Om’ and ‘Saawariya’ released on the same day two years ago, the duo haven’t exactly been on friendly terms. Coming at this juncture, Shah Rukh’s camaraderie with Akshay in full view of nearly 50,000 people can be construed as a continuation of the actor’s extending an olive branch to all those he has distanced in the past. So what did Shah Rukh and Akshay talk about? The eyewitness revealed Shah Rukh invited Akshay for his party after the KKR win. However, Akshay, who was at the stadium to promote his next, excused himself saying he had to reach Mumbai the same night. Before Akshay could take leave, SRK enquired after Twinkle’s health, even inviting him over to Mannat for dinner. “Do bring Twinkle along,” was his parting shot.