PM authorises himself to allocate bulletproof vehicles to ‘vulnerable’ VVIPs


Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Monday approved an amendment in the Staff Car Rules 1980 as observed by the Public Accounts Committee in its meeting on May 15.
Under the amendment, a proviso had been inserted which provided that the protected vehicle shall be allocated to a vulnerable dignitary subject to availability and approval of the prime minister. However, the repair/maintenance and POL of the vehicle shall be the responsibility of the respective ministry/division/department or the dignitary concerned.
The PAC observed that the rules on the subject did not have any provision for allocation of protected vehicles to any office holder. The PAC directed that the relevant rules might be modified for regularisation of the matter or bulletproof vehicle allocated be taken back within one month.
In view of the current security environment prevailing in the country, the retrieval of the vehicle from the dignitaries would not be a viable option. Therefore, on summary by the Cabinet Division, the prime minister approved the above insertion of proviso in the Staff Car Rules 1980.