Metered parking system has failed!


After the failure of the metered parking system, the City District Government has once again resorted to establishing the old parking system on the Mall Road.
The people visiting the commercial areas said they were facing hardships as the limited parking areas hardly provided any space to them.
The system which was experimented on for over two years, discouraged parking for a long time as the people had to pay on an hourly basis.
In most cases, the office workers or shopkeepers occupied almost all the parking areas, while paying Rs 50 for the entire day.
“It was very difficult to park a vehicle on The Mall because of the shortage of parking space,” Shaukat Ali, a shopper, said.
Another shopper Humaira Hassan also said she could not find any parking space.
A City District Government spokesman said the metered system was introduced following the western world but it could not be continued due to the paucity of funds.


  1. Whenever a decent system is intoduced that stop the corruption of thug mafia of contractors and officials ie the manual system, these guys try utmost to fail the computerised system. We have seen examples in Railways reservation, Auditor general Punjab and other govt departments. They resent the new systems by intentially trying to fail it so they can go back to old and lucrative system.

    The will to force these systems is required, with a can do attitude, isnt Khadim Alla famous for?

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