Lawyers again thrash policeman


A group of lawyers Wednesday thrashed a police ASI who had come for a hearing to the Lahore High Court (LHC) from Gujranwala.
When ASI of Gujranwala Police Station Khalid came out of the court after hearing of an illegal detention case, Advocate Rafique and Shahid along with 15 fellow lawyers attacked and tortured him.
The lawyers slapped and kicked ASI and tore his uniform while the security officials appointed in Lahore High court came to his rescue.
After receiving information of the incident, Justice Anwar-ul-Haq of Lahore High Court summoned President Punjab Bar Council and directed to take action against the lawyers allegedly involved in the incident. Justice Anwar said that he announced decision of the case why the lawyers tortured the ASI.
ASI and lawyers submitted applications of case registration against each other in Old Anarkali Police Station


  1. Lawyers becoming above the law, a Policeman should be respected even if you dont like him as a person or his institution. What example these bunch of idiots setting for youth? they should be punished according to law and their regulator the Bar Council should suspend their practicing licenses!

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