Children visualise issues of environment through art


As many as 80 art pieces by children from 49 schools and 14 community organizations from across the country were put on display here Tuesday with the theme of highlighting environmental issues
in an innovative way.
The three-day exhibition has been arranged by The Little Art entitled “Art Beat”, to showcase the selected art works created by children of all ages. The exhibition is a child art project in which children from across Pakistan participated. With the theme of environment, the participants practiced their ideas in areas of Health and Hygiene, Water, Air, Earth, Climate Change and Energy.
“Art Beat – National Child Art Exhibitions and Workshops” is a project to use arts as a means to raise awareness about social justice and environmental issues among children and young people across Pakistan.
Over 3000 works were submitted by the students for the exhibition while a jury of senior artists selected the best works to display in art galleries of Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and abroad, said Shoaib Iqbal, Director of the Little Art while talking to APP.
The students with exhibited art were awarded with shields and certificates to give recognition to their artistic endeavors and expressing their ideas through the soft medium.
The Little Art promotes art education and creative learning opportunities among children and young people. It produces innovative projects in various art forms like film, theater, visual arts and puppet to engage children from all sections of society to participate. The organization focuses on developing innovative art education projects to engage children and young people in alternative education and learning opportunities. The show will continue till May 24.
Eating watermelon can reduce risk of heart attack: Eating watermelon can lower blood pressure and protects from pre-hypertension, the main cause of heart attack, researchers say.
The watermelon is not only consumed good being thirsty, due to its sweet taste and high water content, but also being rich in nutrients. The fruit is rich in compounds that proved able to dilate blood vessels and may reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, The Telegraph Reported.
In a study by scientists, an amino acid found in watermelon improves the performance of the arteries and reduces blood pressure in aboutone in nine patients with pre-hypertension. You might have to take the L-arginine, an amino acid essential for maintaining healthy blood pressure, as a supplement. However, these supplements to some adults have adverse effects such asnausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Instead, the researchers found no adverse effects of respondents who ate watermelon. The fruit even store other nutrients such as vitamins A, B6, C, fiber, potassium and lycopene, a powerful antioxidant.
“As the evidence from this preliminary study, we hope to continue research to reach a wide group of participants,” said Dr Arturo Figueroa, Florida State University, who led the study. High blood pressure affects more than 16 million men and women in the UK. This disease increases the risk of heart attack or stroke was doubled, and resulted in over 60,000 deaths annually.


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