US aid and Pakistan


According to media news, the US House of Representatives has rejected an amendment to ban military and economic aid to Pakistan. Pakistan will also get an extra $ 84 million after reopening of the NATO supply route. Pakistan is one of the largest recipients of US assistance and nearly $ three billion in US aid to Pakistan is planned for year 2012. As a matter of fact, all these years US aid has fulfilled the interests of only the elite class and corrupt politicians in Pakistan and has failed to change the fortunes of the ordinary Pakistani.

Despite large amounts of foreign aid, foreign debt has already reached $ 62 billion and the country is facing its worst energy and power crises. Pakistani people believe that a large amount of money has already gone to the Swiss banks. Instead of providing money to unpopular and corrupt elements, the US should try to forge good relations with ordinary Pakistani people.

Direct US investment in the energy and power sector can bring better results and win the hearts and minds of ordinary Pakistani people. Pakistan is seeking a role in the US and international markets to boost economic activities in the country, especially in the textile sector. Due to the law and order situation and energy crisis, the government has failed in its economic policies resulting in flying out of foreign investment and rising unemployment.