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The current proxy rally for the creation of so-called Mohajir sooba in Karachi recalled me the intimidation by one of the desperadoes (Faisal Sabzwari) couple of months back while/challenging/blackmailing the Sindhi leadership of PPP, as he warned them to read writing on the wall (the wall chalking in favour of so-called Mohajir sooba) rather overlooking it in a taking for granted manner. On one of the Urdu private TV channels two days back, another leader implied towards the so-called grievances of the said sponsored rally in support of rubbish “Mohajir sooba” by introducing himself in the same tone to be a “Urdu speaking Sindhi”. Having listened the said paradoxical statements time and again, let me ask please: Can French having infiltrated in Italy after plundering, occupying and ruling it without assimilating in Italian language and culture; deceptively claim themselves as French speaking Italians? Never.

People have been infiltrating Sindh since long, occupied (particularly its urban regions and specifically coastal belt with another ulterior dream/design to extend their occupation up to Gwadar, the coastal belt of Balochistan), ransacked it and have been consistently ruling directly or indirectly through Karachi and Islamabad. Having witnessed defiance by the dignified sons of Sindh, Balochistan and Pakhtunkhwa, these people shrewdly had to change their name from Mohajir to Muttahida.

They cleverly embarked upon another maneuver and started introducing themselves as “Urdu speaking Sindhis” just to betray the sons of Mehran (Shah Lateef, Sachal and Sheikh Ayaz) by underestimating their wit without pondering for a while that Sindhis are unlike Punjabis, the vast majority of whom have been shifting towards Urdu by blindly/mesmerizingly aping it at their homes having disowned Khawaja Fareed, Shah Hussain, Waris Shah, Baba Fareed, Bullahy Shah, Sultan Bahoo, Mian Mohammad Buksh, Mehr Ali Shah and many others’ rich language and culture.

How could the so-called love for any motherland/Sindh be justified/accepted, until and unless one owns the said mother’s tongue/Sindhi and culture by abandoning the alien ones? However, inverse deeds of the said people speak louder than words and claims. If anyone has to show his/her love for any motherland; it could only be proved by owning the linguistic and cultural codes of the said land, where asylum was sought. Otherwise, all is rhetoric and cheap deception. How could one justify the blissful statements of these people, in which they have been loudly and boldly trying to take credit for tabling the resolution for the division of Punjab in the National Assembly and pledging to do the same in the case of Hazara and for the change of mechanism of two-third majority for carving out provinces/states/nations within existing ones.

The said attempts of disturbing the classical pluralistic societies of the existing provinces (recognised in 1940s resolution) by coining pseudo-nations out of existing four genuine nations of this federation in order to dilute their national questions for the sake of creating Pakistani nation in haste; would be a sheer non-sense and opening Pandora’s box.

As far as pretense of administrative divisions is concerned, all the provinces are already divided in divisions, districts, tehsils etc. So there is a dire need to execute the local government system in literal letter and spirit so that trickledown effect may work up to all far flung regions.

One should remember that this is a federation of remaining four nations having other ethnic and linguistic entities living side by side within all of them amicably for a pretty long time. Dividing anyone of them would be tantamount to start an uncontrollable chain reaction, which might end upon the dismemberment of this federation.

Peace and prosperity could only be attained if the privileged linguistic, cultural, financial and political rights (promised in constitution) of all four provinces are given to them. This would lead all entities to forge into a single Pakistani nation through an evolutionary process and strengthen this federation as well.

Diversity is the gift of nature in terms of beauty and inevitable to reign over life. However, doctoring or meddling in natural spontaneous/evolutionary orientations causes fear, insecurity and death.




  1. Mr. Tariq you have truly reflected the fact. Sindhis from Kashmore to Karachi are one and united and they are prepared to go extra mile in defending their Motherland. The division can even not happened over our dead bodies. We have learnt to love our motherland from Shah Latif, who pleaded Almighty Allah, in his poetry to keep Sindh wealthy and prosperous. As for those, who are still calling themselves MOHAJIR, because they chose Sindh as a temporary abode, and again they shall witness another wave of destruction and migration, probably they are unaware of the history of Sindh.

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