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Korea agrees to fund clean water initiative

The government of the Republic of Korea is establishing water supply systems for the villages of Phalia, Mandi Bahaudin with the grant aid of $ 4 millions. Around 80,000 population of that area will be the direct beneficiary of this project. Underground water of this region has been contaminated by the effluent of Sugar mill in Phalia causing health problems for the local population and huge damage to the environment conditions.
To improve living conditions of the inhabitants in this area, Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) in collaboration with Punjab Government’s Housing and Urban Development and Public Health Engineering Department (HUD & PHED) conducted feasibility survey for this project in 2011.
As of May 2012, Korean experts are already working on the detailed mapping and implementation strategy of the project for its completion till the first half of 2013. The project will include deep underground water wells, overhead reservoirs and water supply lines.
Provision of safe drinking water will improve health and education with significant impact on poverty eradication, gender development, improved environment and human resource development.

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  1. Pakistani said:

    This Korea came to us for help when this sham Jamhoriyat was not there,but country was ruled by a benevolent leader and was fast on track to be a developed country.Other countries of far east too sought our help to set their railways or airlines.We do not remmember that visionary whose power generation system is our lifeline today and then came jamhooriyat Bhutto marka and results are in front of us.This so called peoples leader systematically destroyed our economy and industry the way US is doing now through Bhuttos leftovers. Our young generation is to be reminded that this benevolent leader was Ayub Khan.

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