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Children’s Hospital short of 47 doctors

There are 47 seats of consultant doctors lying vacant at Lahore Children Hospital for the last 2 years including those of associate professors, assistant professor and 33 senior registrars while the government has failed to fill up these seats.
YDA office bearers Dr Rana Sohail, Dr Salman Kazmi, Dr Talha Sherwani, Dr Ghulam Qasim, Dr Murtaza Bloch, Dr Muhammad Khawar Khan, Dr Shahid Dreshik, Dr Waqas Gondal, Dr Shehzad, Dr Asim, Dr Shams, Dr Muhammad Azhar and Dr Muhammad Amjad have showed their deep concern on the situation and said the government was concerned about constructing new hospitals and buying new machines but was yet to understand the bad effects of lack of doctors in the hospitals.
They demanded that special salary packages be announced for these seats so that they are filled soon. Young doctors said that without doctors the buildings and machineries would go to waste.

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