PM’s security guard arrested, released after brawl with Punjab Police


An official of Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s security squad was held by local police after he quarreled with officers of the Punjab Police Force on Saturday. However he was later released on the intervention of DIG operations. Sadar Superintendent of Police Athar Waheed told reporters that the PM’s security guard had misbehaved with him and other police officers. He said the official asked him why he (the SP) was carrying a weapon. The SP said it was his duty to carry a weapon and remain close to the venue where the prime minister was present. Waheed said he would “not let the guard go” until he tendered an apology.
The arrested security guard of the PM later apologized and was released. Minutes after SP Athar Waheed arrested the PM’s security guard, a spokesman for Punjab Governor Latif Khosa said the SP was being transferred to Balochistan. He said the governor had contacted the Punjab chief secretary and IG Police and ordered an enquiry into the incident. The spokesman said the IGP had assured Khosa that the SP was being transferred to Balochistan. However, provincial Law Minister Sanaullah negated the impression that the SP was being transferred and said the man sitting in the Governor’s House seemed more a “Pathay Khan” and less a governor. He said no official of the Punjab Police could be transferred on the wishes of someone. Sanullah said the manner in which the Punjab governor was highlighting a minor incident was inappropriate.


  1. NO need to provide security to this Gilani. NO body will shed any tears if he is killed. In fact Pakistan would celebrate if he is killed. There will one less evil on face of this earth. Appropriate place for GILani is 10 feet below ground.

    • Don't worry. Some people need to do that just to console their eventless life. They know their their views are a bit primitive …

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