Hussain breaks another world record


A 40-years-old sportsman on Saturday brought fame for the country and set a world record by making 178 round house kicks in one minute.
Renowed martial artist, Ahmad Hussain, resident of Yousaf Abad village Peshawar has broken the Indian martial artist Mr Jaynath Ready previous world record of had made 171 round house kicks per minute. The name of Ahmad Hussain is already include in Guinness book of world record as he already made nine deferent world records in various discipline of martial arts. All the certificates of all of his records has been issued to him from administration of Guiness book of World records department. Earlier to this record the Indian Marshal Artist M.Jaynath Ready had made 171 round house kicks in one minute which was the highest word record till Saturday.
“It is my dream to make fifty world records for my country and make fame for the country, but unfortunately no government official or sports department has encouraging him or providing any type of financial support or facilities to me” he said with Pakistan today exclusively.
He had already made nine world records for the country but no one had encouraged them so far.
The ceremony was held in Peshawar press club which was also attended by provincial Sports minister Syed Aqil Shah and others. Talking to media persons Ahmad Hussain said that he had clinched several records for his country but unfortunately government did not encouraged him and he was cheated only by hollow slogans.
Addressing on the occasion Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Minister for Sports Syed Aqil Shah said that provincial government would support him financial as well as morally as stars like Ahmad Hussain, earning good name for the country. He announced Prize one Lakh rupees for Ahmad Hussain and announced to send him to United Kingdom on Provincial government expense.