Adele bombs as magazine seller


Though she broke countless records last year with her critically acclaimed album ‘21’, turns out there’s one thing that Adele can’t sell-magazine covers. Adele’s British Vogue cover turned out to be one of the magazine’s worst sellers ever. “Adele is the most popular woman in the world, but one of the worst sellers we’ve ever had,” editor Alexandra Shulman surprisingly revealed at the ‘ToMax talk Fashion and Fantasy: What’s in Vogue and Why Does It Matter?’ event in London. “I find there has to be a relationship with the person on the cover that goes beyond how they look.” While that would certainly explain why the always unrelatable Gwyneth Paltrow’s magazine covers usually bomb, it doesn’t make sense when it come to Adele. Didn’t ‘21’ sell so well precisely because people did care about her personal heartbreak? But perhaps it’s just musicians in general who are unappealing to glossy readers. “Music stars haven’t sold at all well,” Shulman added.