Significance of acquisition of knowledge stressed


The Knowledge was a part of our faith and acquiring it was incumbent every Muslim. This was stated by Saadia Rashid, president of Hamdard Foundation Pakistan. She was addressing a function organized under the auspices of the Hamdard Naunehal Assembly, Karachi Chapter, says a statement on Friday. The theme was `Training of children and youths and role of educational institutions.
Saadia Rashid further stated that the education was the foundation of development and progress of any nation and that’s why the first conference of Pakistan, called by the founder of the nation, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, was on education and Quaid-i-Azam and Hakim Said always emphasized on the spreading of education and dissemination of knowledge in the nation, she added.
She was of the view that our youths could only be able to materialize the dreams of great Pakistan of Quaid and Hakim Said if they are equipped with quality education.
So it was the foremost duty of educational institutions to impart purposeful quality education, based on mental and moral training, she added.
Senior journalist Nusrat Nasarullah maintained that the teachers and the parents too were not playing their due roles in proper training and education of the children.
He also pointed towards the shortage of the play grounds in countless schools even in Karachi and asked as to how they could be able to give physical training to their students, which was as important as mental training. Hakim Muhammad Usman, Deputy Director Programmes, Hamdard, and child speakers also expressed their views on the occasion.
Emphasis laid on research work: The Vice Chancellor, Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Jamshoro, Prof Mashoor Alam Shah emphasised the need of promotion of research work in collaboration with the foreign universities so that the country could get maximum benefits for the future generation.
He emphasised this during his visited to different departments of the university on Friday.
He asked the Director Research to strengthen the PhD programme of the university and ensure the provision of maximum facilities to post graduate students for their research activities.