Govt shows interest in archeology preservation


The Project Director Mohan-Jo-Daro Abdul Haq Bhambhro has said that present government is taking keen interest to preserve and protect the archeological sites and informed that a scheme for preservation and protection of Mohan-Jo-Daro has been approved with estimated cost of Rs 18 million.
In a statement, issued here on Friday, he said that keeping in view the coming monsoon season, his management has started adopting precautionary measures for protection of world ancient assets of Mohan-Jo-Dar. He claimed that all protected areas of Mohan-Jo-Daro are safe and secure. Criticizing the report, appeared in a section of press about fall of a portion of protected wall of Mohan-Jo-Daro, he said that today he himself was at the site where he checked all the protected areas and found no such incident at the site. He said that after 18th amendment in the constitution, archeological sites of Sindh have been handed over to Sindh Government and now we are working for protection and preservation of these sites and people of the province witnessing visible change in this regard.


  1. Looks like Sindh Government has finally realised its responsibility to preserve the archaeological sites in Sindh. Mohan-Jo-Daro is famous around the globe. Every effort should be taken by Sindh Government not only for the preservation of such sites, but provide facilities to foreign tourists to visit such sites in droves.

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