White Lies


The Prime Minister (or, as some like to call him, Not The Prime Minister) and his family took out young political heiress Assefa Bhutto Zardari out to lunch in London.

The lunch would have brought back memories since it was an Italian restaurant that they went to, one that Ms Bhutto used to go to with her late mother.

An aside: expect to see more of Assefa in the future. Those with a keen sense of politics and humans, see a bit of a future leader in her.

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The hunting ground of the rich and spoilt, the Lahore Gymkhana, isn’t rife with politics, as usual. It appears the current management hasn’t really gotten a good hold of the place.

The former head of the management committee isn’t sparing the opportunity to milk all of this politically.

Then there was the strike by the club’s employees recently.

Those who say there is as much politics at the Gymkhana as there is in the capital are wrong.

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Much has been made of the premier’s trip to London. Specifically, the entourage that accompanied him.

The problem with an entourage is the fact that it has a “rolling deadline.” People might have started heading out much before the premier himself went and some would have gone after. The actual number, in other words, might even be higher than what is being surmised by the local media.

Present in the trip was one Rehman Malik. Upon reaching the UK, the security czar was seen telling anyone who would listen that the president has requested him to return for important duties. The country, it appears, would have ceased to exist without his presence.

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  1. When the country is ruled by incompetent and corrupt elite, a few individuals like the present security czar get prominence. Among those who are blind one eyed has to be all the more important or the trouble shooter.

  2. So the fairy boy of AZ is not getting into politics, because that is not what turns him ON.

  3. Everybody who matters knows that 30 people paid for by the state left by a commercial flight few days before PM Gill left on his trip with a crowd of 80. Those who went earlier came back much later than those who came back on the PM VVIP aircraft

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