Unemployment issues


Unemployment is a central problem of Pakistan. Youth of any country is revolutionary power for it. But it has been very unfortunate here in Pakistan that the overwhelming majority of youth is unemployed. The energy and talent of people in Pakistan has not been channelised. The socio economic system of Pakistan and institutions has failed to provide employment to the increasing labour force. Labour force includes all persons who are of ten years and above.

According to a World Fact Book report, 17 percent of Pakistanis are unemployed, but this figure does not show the true figure of unemployment. From a layman’s point of view, unemployment can be seen as just being jobless or a state of joblessness. Being jobless is frustrating emotionally, socially, psychologically on the part of the unemployed.

Unemployment can affect people in ways such as it causes depression, dissatisfaction, anxiety, hopelessness and many other negative emotional states. It is usually observed that the mental health of unemployed people is lower than that people that have job.

The unemployment socially makes our society weak and stops the productive power. People can’t have better education or even medical treatment for their children. Otherwise people who are unemployed can’t take part in their cultural activities. All this means they are totally cut off with a society.

Unemployment has negative impact on mutual relations in the family and society the financial crisis effects on a family as being of most concern. It is a great fact that money is money and no one can deny its importance to live in society. The effect that unemployment has on the emotional side is more serious than to understand. Little things often become serious issues.