Shabby bus stands compound passengers’ problems


Most bus stands in the provincial capital lack basic facilities like clean drinking water and proper seating arrangements, causing immense difficulties for passengers in the summer season. Most bus stands in the city are also in a dilapidated condition and call for immediate attention of the authorities concerned.
The Lahore general bus stand in particular, needs immediate repair due to its significant location.
Thousands of passengers travel through the city every day, but there are no proper facilities available at the bus stops. Women and children are affected the most.
The Lahore general bus stand at Badami Bagh has no water coolers or seating arrangements and is littered with garbage.
All bus bays are broken and substandard food is served at hotels nearby. The stands are flooded with filthy water during the rainy season, as there is no proper drainage system and commuters have no option but to take shelter in shops along the roads.
Nasir Khan, a passenger, said it was very difficult for women to wait for public transport in the rain. Passengers at the bus stand said the unhygienic atmosphere created health hazards for people. They stated that vendors also fleeced passengers by selling costly but unhygienic food items. They said the delay in the expansion and modernisation of the bus stands is putting passengers under great discomfort.