PITAF demands immediate release of funds for Thar Coal project


The Pakistan Industrial and Traders Association Front (PITAF), has demanded the immediate release of funds for the Thar Coal Project.
In a statement on Tuesday, PITAF Chairman Sohail Lashari expressed his concern over reports that the Finance Ministry was not ready to release the funds required for the project, which is an important venture for the industrial sector and for the national economy.
He said the unprecedented energy crisis was hollowing the foundations of the national economy.
He stated that the erratic gas supply and electricity outages that last for more than 12 hours daily have crippled the industrial and economic activities in the country.
The government’s lack of interest in solving the energy crisis has pushed the industrial sector to the wall as the investors are shifting their businesses to other countries resulting in widespred unemployment,” Lashari added.
He said the project is facing serious threats if the Finance Ministry does not issue the funds.
He stated that almost two billion rupees were needed immediately but the government has not issued a single penny during the current fiscal year.
The PITAF chairman said the condition of the national economy, trade and industry was very fragile due to the non-friendly policies of the government.
He added that the Thar Coal project was of national importance and would not only resolve the energy crisis but also allow the export of extra gas and electricity.
He demanded the government to become aware of the ground realities and release funds for the project immediately.