‘Thousands of cops guard VVIPs’


The citizens across the country have criticised the deployment of thousands of security personnel to guard the families of ruling and opposition political parties and influential people costing billions of rupees and putting additional burden on national exchequer of a country which was already in the grip of financial crunch.
It should be mentioned that thousands of personnel belonging to police, elite force, FC and rangers have been deployed for the security of families, homes and offices of politicians and other people in the four provinces.
The cost of their salaries, vehicles and other expenses is in billions annually to national exchequer.
On the other hand hundreds of incidents of robberies, terrorism and kidnappings are taking place everyday making the law and order situation from bad to worse. Masses were of the view that deploying government personnel on personal protection is creating a VIP culture in the province.
They said to improve law and order situation across the country, it would be better for politicians to surrender their guards or at least decrease the number to minimum so that they are deployed for security of the citizens.